Software libre


Android GCM sender

A webapp that allows you to send configurable push notifications to one or multiple Android devices (source code).

Groovy-n-Fish question and answer game

A webapp based videogame that put your Groovy knowledge to the test.

Grails plugins

Transparent Message

The Transparent Message plugin for Grails integrates Humanized Messages, a JavaScript-based system for non-modal notifications.

Another Tag Cloud

This plugin is a complete and easy tag cloud generator. As simple as possible, you need only one tag to generate a tag cloud.

Grails Concordion

The Concordion plugin provides a convenient integration between the Concordion framework and Grails applications.

Grails Equals HashCode

This plugin provides a base Spock specification for testing equals and hashCode methods. You can use it to test both Grails domain classes and other Groovy objects.

Grails Spock Env Extensions

This plugin provides Spock extensions that allow specification and feature method inclusion and exclusion depending on the Grails execution environment.

Grails Android GCM Plugin

This plugin provides access to Android GCM services by injecting an androidGCM service that provides push notifications sending methods in your app artifacts.


Codenarc extra rules

Extra rules for Codenarc (already donated to the Codenarc project).

Groovy Metaprogramming Koans

Koans focused on Groovy metaprogramming capabilities.


AWS Tools

Scripts to solve some common AWS related problems.


Convenient scripts to automate some recurrent tasks.


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Vídeos y Screencasts





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